R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

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Re: R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

cna wrote:


I have an Epson R3000 printer for a bit more than 1 year, and during last month, I’ve run through a lot of unexpected automatic cleaning cycles.

A month ago, I switched to matte black ink, and since then I’ve had three printing sessions (20 A3+ per session); at the start of each printing session, the R3000 performed an automatic (and very costly) head cleaning before EACH of the first 5 prints. In all, I’ve lost that equivalent of 3-4 cartridges !

The R3000 is connected to a Win7/64bits PC through USB; I use the latest Windows driver (6.75), and R3000 firmware.

Has anybody ever had the same experience with this, otherwise very nice, printer ?

Thanks for you help


My R3000 is also about a year old and I have printed over 800 prints and it has only ran 4 auto cleaning cycles and 2 of those cycles I caused by pulling the power plug on start up to manually move the prit head left to clean the print head and parking pads.  When I plugged it back in it does a auto-clean.  So basically my R3000 has only perfromed 2 normal auto-cleans in that time frame and I like it that way.  I don't use MK ink so I never switch.   I also use Win 7/64.

Bob P.

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