Olympus 14-54mm Mark ii or 11-22mm

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Re: Olympus 14-54mm Mark ii or 11-22mm

High there,

I'm a lucky guy because I have them both (14-54 mk1). Both for an attractive prise. Your question is difficult to answer because those two lenses have there own strenghts and weaknesess.

The 11-22 is higher in price and has more wide angle effect than the 14-54 mm. For landscape photography I love it. The wide angle at 11 mm is beautifull. I use the lens also when I'm photographing in a crowded place. I can easily zoom in and out and still get a group of people in the image. So do not under estimate the focal lenght of 22mm. Very handy.

For portraiture the 14-54 mm has it's own strenghts because of more tele effect than the 11-22. The minimum focus distance is nice as well. Yes the focal lenghts you have with this lens are handy and convenient too.

So which one if you have to choose? It depends what you own already. Is it yoy first lens, than I'll choose the 14-54. But if you have already a standard zoom like the 14-42, than i'll choose the 11-22.

Do not forget what your own preferences are in photography and than look which of those two beauties can help you two realise the pictures you want.

I do not own the 14-54 mk2 but I do own the MK1 which has no round diafragm and no contrast auto focus, which can be faster when using live view or in combination with a pen or OM-D.

Good luck!


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