Olympus 14-54mm Mark ii or 11-22mm

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Re: Olympus 14-54mm Mark ii or 11-22mm

Well last year I was faced with a choice of getting rid of one of these two. In the end I sold the 14-54mm. But you need to know what other lenses I have to see why I made that choice. The 14-54 is an excellent walk about lens because of the range. I also have the 50mm f2 Macro and the 40-150mm MK1 so the 50mm range of the 14-54mm lens was taken care of. The 11-22mm gives me that crucial range of 11-13mm which the 14-54mm doesn't have. Also the 11-22mm is sharper and more contrasty then the 14-54mm. The 23mm - 39mm that I loose by not having the 14-54mm is a range that I don't really need or am likely to use much. So it all depends what other lenses you have or are planning to get. If you have no other lenses then the 14-54mm is probably the better choice for it's versatality as a all-round walk about zoomlens. Hope this helps.

Ps. By the way the 11-22mm can also focus quite close-up but not quite as close-up as the 14-54mm

The 11-22mm is a great lens for landscapes and inner city scenes.

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