Question about tilt-shift lens use

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Re: Question about tilt-shift lens use

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

dirkluchtman wrote:


I am interested in getting a TSE and take my photography to a new, challenging level. One question, can you shoot with tilt-shift lenses handheld, or do you really need a tri-pod? I hate working with tripods and would definitely hesitate to go with TSE if I had to. I would use it for shooting land- and city scapes.


You can do anything, but a shiftLoren's is a tripod lens. If you don't like the work of a tripod, you'll hate the ts lenses.


'Fraid I must disagree

While it is usually used on a tripod, I will often use it as a superb 24mm prime handheld.  Once you get used to it (especially if your camera has an electronic level) is is perfectly possible to use the shift and tilt features to get images impossible otherwise.

I recently returned from a Cambodia trip and 90% of all the 24mm temple photos were taken handheld.

You just need train yourself to get the camera level by eye - if you are out by a tiny bit, then a small correction in LR or PS is all that's needed.


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