The single most profound technological advance in history will almost certainly happen this century.

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The thread was MOVED, Re: This is the OFF TOPIC forum

Bill Randall wrote:

chillgreg wrote:

Mike_PEAT wrote:

"Welcome to the Open Talk Forum, the place for threads related to digital photography. Threads unrelated to digital photography are not allowed here."

Ooops sorry. :s


Edit: Ahh, Off Topic, now I see. Mods close lock delete incinerate, as you will.

No need to be sorry or ooops. Anything goes including bump 2. Do you have a link to your subject?

It was ORIGINALLY posted in the Open Talk forum, but a moderator moved the thread to the Off-Topic forum, negating my coment. I was correct in saying my previous coment at the time of posting since it WAS in the Open Talk forum where the discussion was still required to be related to digital photography!

I never go into the Off Topic forum since I don't care about what's posted there, so it HAD to be originally in the Open Talk forum!

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