Wansen Hotshoe for the 5n

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Re: Wansen Hotshoe for the 5n

Russell Evans wrote:

GaryW wrote:

Since the LCD goes dark, it's hard to use it like you normally would use a flash. But can you simply expose the background and use the flash and get kind of a slow-sync effect?

Works up to the point where you can hand hold the lens and not induce blur. You might try using bulb mode. I posted earlier in this thread that I can get about 1/10s shutter speeds with a quick push and release of the shutter pretty consistently in bulb.

I have a friend that I saw use manual settings, exposing "normally" (but manually) then adding the flash on top of that. It was very effective. I wonder if something like this could work? Unfortunately, my cheap flash that works with this adapter doesn't have a simple compensation/strength setting, so that might be a problem.

You mentioned opening up the Wansen adapter. Did you open up the MSA-10? I'd like to know if it has protection for the flash voltage. One of my flash units probably has a pretty high voltage.

I didn't open the MSA-10 as it was posted that few people had wires crimped in straight out of factory units. I figured if I have a working unit, and the factory has issues getting them put together correctly, that I should leave what works alone. Feel free to take yours apart though.

Of course, but I think between your response and the other message I read, I think I have my answer.

A safe sync hot shoe isn't as cheap as these adapters, so I don't see any reason the manufacturers would provide a safe sync and not charge appropriately for it, do you?

These cheap adapters and gizmos that are made in China are far under what I'd expect the cost to be, so it distorts my sense of what capability is there just from the price.

Thank you

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