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Re: Dumping the Nex7

gskolenda wrote:

Well, First most of the sony len's are soft,

Do you mean soft on the edges with a wide-aperture or all over?

Lensrentals didn't seem too excited over their test results, but I think they're probably comparing with pretty high-end lenses.


the 16mm is so cheap,

It's the cheapest Sony-made lens in the Nex lineup.

the the 30mm macro is a joke I think.

It measured reasonably high in the Lensrental tests, not too far behind the expensive CZ.  It's not my cup-of-tea, but I don't see where it's a "joke".  If you want something cheap and super sharp, it's hard to beat the Sigma 30mm.

Go spend some time looking at MFT lens's on B&H photo and look at the choices and the personal reviews, very impressive. I came from the Canon DSLR camp, 3 bodies, and 4 lens's. Canon has great glass, and Olympus and Panasonic have targeted there MFT lens's at the same lens's that has made Canon and Nikon so much money! Like the 12-35mm F2.8,

When I look this up on B&H, it's $1,144.  It had better be good!  And are you going to find a body that has 24mp? Don't you want a sensor that outresolves the lenses, not the other way around?

My concern with this would be one of value, personally.

the 35-100F2.8 and the 60mm F2,8 Macro.


Is it this one?  I know he says that you can't compare across systems, but I wonder why the lens tests have lower numbers than most of the Nex lenses?

I appreciate your comments about the 7's overheating issue, but, bottom line is there is no fix for the 7's heat problem, been there tried it all, even the 5n nothing worked, even the expensive Memory stick Duo did not work. Also, even if it did not overheat, I'm seeing more cameras coming out with no restrictions on recording time, other than MCard limits and 4gig file size limit, like the GH3.

I think the Nex just doesn't seem to be the best for video.  I look at it as good for the occasional short clip, although I had no problems the last time I recorded 30min. (with my Nex-5).

I have a Sony Nex VG-20 that I use, and I like it. Sony needs a Long Fast Tele for the E-mount.

When I'm shooting video, I don't want to have a Len's that has a variable aperture. It changes the exposure when you zoom in, like the 18-200mm.

I'm not burning Sony, just wish they would have offered some type of solution, or low cost upgrade path.

Sony owns the broadcast world in the video market, so they know what they are doing, I just don't think that they thought that the Nex Camera line was going to be used as a primary video camera, the market likes are, small, light, affordable. Well , the NAB show is just around the corner and I'll see what the Camera Mfg's announce there.

Does the VG-20 have overheating problems?   I think they'll probably make a couple of higher end zooms, but you might want to check their lens roadmap.

When I used a DSLR, I couldn't take video with it at all.  I really missed that as an option.  So, even with a potential overheating situation, I like the Nex video, as it allows me to take short video clips (typically 5 to 15 min.) at high quality.

Even so, when taking a lot of video, I often prefer a dedicated camcorder, just for ergonomics (particularly when handing off to someone else to use).  Lots of zoom, no worries about overheating... But one more thing to carry and I could have just done this along with the DSLR.... except that I want to reduce the bulk, most of the time.

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