Olympus photo division losses double

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Re: Olympus photo division losses double

rovingtim wrote:

According to the latest Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine, Olympus losses nine months to Dec 2012 doubled from those of the previous year. AP notes Olympus's aggressive cost cutting strategy that will lead to a 7% decrease in their workforce by 2014. AP also notes that Olympus implied that they will be reducing their DSLR presence.

I would love to be proved wrong, but at the moment I still think the end of 2013 will be the countdown to backtracking on this forum rather than an E7.

This is not new news. I doubt these losses have anything to do with 43rds unless they have been building an army of bodies with no plans to sell them

No I suspect this is a result of their releasing higher end P&S cameras such as the XZ-2 and higher end tough cameras and havent seen any real sales.

So, a question arises, your division is losing money, do you retreat entirely to m43rds or potentially sell a camera to a large number of relatively captive customers? The fact that Olympus was aware of these losses when they made their rather public statements about the next body, I suspect it was already considered.

There are so many Olympus users here who now need to be proved right, they have been crying the end is nigh for a long time, and yet, things keep happening. Most likely we will see a new DSLR, maybe 2, possibly with a new look. IF Olympus has solved the AF issue, for example, with a moving SLT and EVF, or with on sensor PDAF etc... Or even with a fully functioning AF adapter, we will see it. If not, and I suspect not, we will see a DSLR.

Be sure note your last paragraph considering how vocal you have been about Olympus future. Who would I listen to? A forum poster who seems to feel no camera is coming, or the company who will sell me the camera telling me one is on the way?


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