Any trick to using a TC?

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Re: Any trick to using a TC?

In addition to the great advice by others, I found this comment somewhat concerning:

Most shots were taken at the full 280mm. Eagles were several hundred yards away in trees.

I do a lot of birding, and shooting a perched bird several hundred yards away is usually mission impossible, even with an 800mm lens + TCs. I would get only a fairly poor quality small "icon" after cropping. How much did you crop the shot? When shooting long distances, we have several issues to deal with, a key one can be thermal gradients depending on the distance and environmental conditions. Locking the focus onto the bird and not a branch was a great observation, it happens to me a lot.

One suggestion is to get closer to the bird, not always easy to do.

Mike gave some very good advice IMO. Benchmark (test) your gear and yourself under controlled conditions to determiner what you have to work with, add some variables, e.g. handholding v. tripod with mirror lock up and remote/timed shutter release. This will establish the limits & expectations when shooting in the field.

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