Any trick to using a TC?

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Re: Any trick to using a TC?

1. a 2X TC will always be softer than no TC, but it shouldn't be so bad as to appear totally out of focus.  a goo 1.4x TC will have less image degradation.

2. Remember you are doubling the effective focal length and the shutter speed should also double for comparison sake.  Don't expect IS to work wonders at longer and longer focal lengths.

3.  To address several of these issues I suggest testing with a tripod, manually focusing with Live View 5-10X first without the TC, then later with the TC.  First you will be amazed how the magnified image jumps about at Live View 10X even with a tripod.  Try it first without IS.  To lessen the vibration of the shutter shoot with Live View "Live" in which the shutter stays open at the beginning of the shot and include a 2 sec delay. or use mirror lock up, which is not quite as good. Is your AF as sharp as your best at manual focus? good.

Now add the 2x TC.  twice as much vibration, perhaps too much even with IS.  Try faster and faster shutter speeds until you get a sharp result.  It will never be as sharp as without the TC, but hopefully it will be sharper than rezzing up the image in photoshop.   Notice that focus does not seem as positive at the longer focal length as well.

Mike K

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