24-70 L II: Is close focusing softness a serious issue?

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Mike K Veteran Member • Posts: 5,525
An unrealistic scenario
What scares me is: "...It gets very soft...". If I was using this lens and wanted to fill the frame with someone's face or facial feature requiring me to get in really close when at 70mm, I don't want to have to worry about ending up with a "very soft" image because I got too close.

I think this concern is really out of proportion. 15 inches away at 70 mm the field of view is about 4.5x7 inches, too small for a face. If you get that close you will have lots of problems with perspective distortion, the nose will be far too large. At that distance the required dof to keep the nose, and ears in focus will exceed your len's capability of f22. Even f32 will be soft. Try to shoot any face from that distance. Really, this is unrealistic. DPR did you a mis service by raising your fears about an unrealistic scenario. If you want to shoot from 1 foot away with a flat target get a macro lens and a strong flash or tripod to get sharp results.

Mike K

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