Can you recommend an external HD for me?

Started Mar 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
mstecker Contributing Member • Posts: 659
Re: Can you recommend an external HD for me?

I like a Rosewill USB3/eSATA external hard drive enclosure with 80 mm cooling fan combined with a Western Digital internal HDD (I use a 1TB Black drive).  I do not like external enclosures that do not have a on/off power switch as they are slower to boot up and you may have problems recovering from a failure with a disc image (at least for Windows with Acronis).  I use it with my MacMini (has USB2) and my Windows computer for storage and it works great with both computers.  I think it is best to get USB3 on your external hard drive even though your computer is USB2.  The USB3 external hard drives work fine with a USB2 computers and when you get a new computer you can take advantage of the faster connection.

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