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Re: 6D autofocus -another route to f8 AF

Spad16 wrote: This was taken with the 400/5.6, 1.4TC and 36mm extension tube. This is a great combination but was strictly manual focus on the 40D, on the 6D you can do autofocus, rather slowly and it dithers, but it gets there. I find this ability very useful because to do manual focus means lifting up one hand , and that often spooks the bird, and manual focus with my eyes isn't so great any longer (see below), the 6D autofocus is extremely accurate in this situation, so I've found it worth waiting for. I do think you need a bit of sun on the subject for it to manage though.

I find that the 6D contrast AF to work much better than the same setting on the 5DII. Contrast AF is Live View AF Called "Flexizone " AF in the 6D menu for Live View. It was called Live "Live" in the 5DII. I am guessing that the lower noise in the 6D sensor output helps sort out contrast based AF and allows improved AF speed and reliability at f8 or smaller apertures, even with Canon TCs, which are reporting.

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