Bag for OM-D and 5 Primes?

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Re: Bag for OM-D and 5 Primes?

Mike Raub wrote:

Coming from a full frame Canon system, the small size, high quality and reasonable prices of M4/3 primes is a welcome surprise. Since I like to print very big (have a 24" wide printer) I'm thinking of putting together a fairly comprehensive set of primes to use on my OM-D. I'm thinking of the Pana 25 and Oly 12, 45, 60 macro and 75. By rough comparison, if I wanted to do that with Canon L primes it would cost 3 times as much and the total weight of the gear would be more than 3 times what I'm looking at with M4/3. The sale of my Canon gear has left me with cash to spend.

One disadvantage of internet shopping is it is hard to get a real feel for the size and capacity of a camera bag by just studying the specs. All my local camera stores are long gone. I was thinking of one of the Lowe Pro messenger style bags, but it looks like lenses would have to be stacked on top of each other. The M4/3 lenses are so tiny compared to 35mm versions, that a regular bag designed for 5 35mm primes would be way too big.

Anyone have any suggestions?



P.S. Does anybody but me find it irritating that the title to this forum is out of alphabetical order in the list of forums.

I can relate this to the Panasonic GH-3 MSLR and GX-1 rangefinder. I have not seen the OMD in person so I don't have exact dimensions to know which form factor it is more like that I have.

The problem with micro four thirds and camera bags are 90% of all bags are made for DSLR's and p&s. The other 10% you have to be creative with.

What will work is the Domke F-6 little bit smaller bag. They make two versions. Canvas and Ballistic Nylon. The ballistic version I like not only for material but they have velcro inside the inserts for more options and the other are sown.

I have these lenses, all Panasonic: 7-14, 12-35, 35-100, 25 1.4 and 45 2.8 macro

For the GX-1 sized camera and two accessories (flash or lenses) the Think Tank Retrospective 5, Think Tank Hubba Hubba Hiney, Think Tank Digital Holster 10.

If you want a larger bag, the inserts from that Domke F-6 little bit smaller will work. So you have to remove the manufacture padding and replace it with Domke inserts and buy a few extra short Two compartment inserts that F6 Domke uses.

So the GX-1 with extra Domke inserts works in the Think Tank Retrospective 7,10,30. Think Tank Sling-O-Matic 10.

If you have a GH-3 sized camera you can also look at the Crumpler 7 million dollar home, Tenba small or medium shootout. Tenba mini or small messenger.

If you don't have access to a selection of bags and are willing to pay shipping fees to just get it done order multiple bags. Take a photo of the inside of the bag so you can remember how the inserts were done by the manufacture.

The better and more versatile bags will have velcro material inside the entire bag. Even after the suggestions you still need to put all in gear in and feel the weight of it. A camera and lens by it self are not bad, but once you start adding even MFT's lenses it gets heavier.

I do not suggest stacking lenses, I like a separate compartment for everything. In the end buy two bags one for everything a a bit of room to grow and one for body, two lenses and a flash IMO.

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