D600 - Shutter replaced: need to retune lenses?

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Re: D600 - Shutter replaced: need to retune lenses?

Robin Casady wrote:

I can't see why changing the shutter would alter the sensor to F-mount distance, unless the sensor is removed during the process.

Based on other reports of inconsistent results with FoCal, I would suspect it first. I would do another setup with different lighting and see what kind of results you get.

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Robin Casady
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Hi Robin,

I'll try it again, but I don't suspect FoCal to be the culprit here.  The reports show the picture of the target, and they're correct in saying that the sweet-spot has changed.  I also ran the Confirmation of Focus test to make sure the lens was consistently focusing, and the results were >95% accurate.  So I'm pretty sure the software was ok.

One thing I need to do is remove and remount the lens, just to see if anything may have been wonky there.

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