Please Help Me Tweak My 7D to Improve Image Quality

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Re: Please Help Me Tweak My 7D to Improve Image Quality

steve88 wrote:

Ever since I got my 7D two years ago I've never really been happy with the image quality. I don't really have a problem with it focusing properly; my problem is just that the images (at least 75% of the time or more) are overly soft in my opinion.

Some people in this forum tend to dismiss any 7D AF complaint as user error. I think not. there was a very good professional rally car photographer here a year ago who was adamant his 7D had focus problems, it was a funny sight seeing a whole bunch of people - who combined have shot less than him and produced even less number of good photos than him - telling him that he was doing everything wrong and it could not have been 7D's fault.

His thread about 7D AF (and noise)

His photos:

I do not think every 7D has an AF problem, but some do. What you are experiencing may well be just that. Your first image is clearly out of focus, if you look at the dirt on the ground, the focus plane is about 2 meters behind your subject. I do not think any AF point was on that plane because there was nothing there to focus on, so if the camera told you it had acquired AF when you took that picture, then AF clearly failed.

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