Yes, I'm shallow - I want a black SEL50F18

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Re: Yes, I'm shallow - I want a black SEL50F18

HeavyDuty wrote:

spacemn wrote:

Would it change your mind if you knew than many shoot black Leica M body with a silver lens?

A choice would be nice, but black and silver combination is not bad, especially when the lens is actually metal and not gimmicky silver coating on plastic like many Olympus lenses.

I don't use chrome lenses on my Leica, either. For one thing, chrome finished Leitz lenses are usually much heavier than their black finished brethren.
Ken in Illinois
Railroad Action:

Well, then what about the silver 50mm 1.4 Summilux, which is made in silver and black, not chrome?

Steve Huff, for example, is shooting a brand new Leica M with his silver lens. To me its good and different, but it's a matter of taste.

I would personally prefer that Sony spent more energy developing new lenses in stead of complicating production, by introducing new tone lenses.

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