Finally, a rumored price for the NEX-9...

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Re: Test marketing?

cptrios wrote:

I think that a lot of it comes from a heavy and reasonable doubt that it will be a pro-level camera. Nobody's saying that it should cost $1000 - most of us are just thinking "if it's going to cost more than the 5D3 and D800, and potentially twice as much as the 6D and D600, it had better do pretty much the same things as those cameras." Which, unless Sony has been saving up an amazingly incredible new advance in on-sensor AF technology, it won't.

We say it should cost around the same as the 6D/D600 because based on all of the evidence we can see it won't perform nearly as well as either of those cameras. As another poster said, pricing it at $3500 or so could be a hint that Sony is attempting to rock the DSLR industry by producing a mirrorless camera that presents no compromises over a DSLR. And to do that, they'll have to produce a NEX that is nearly exactly the same as its direct competition (in the $3500 case, the D800/5D3) except smaller. And have you seen anything to suggest that it'll be that way? All of the NEX bodies have slow autofocus, and the RX1 appears to be just as bad if not worse. And keep in mind - the RX1 costs $2800 without a viewfinder!

You can say you don't care about AF speed, and I would be right there with you. But if that's true, what's the point of wanting a "professional" camera? There are several "pro" features outside of AF speed, of course - weather sealing, durability, FPS, extra manual controls, etc. But I can find those in the $1k OM-D or the $1200 K-5 II. Without a spectacularly improved AF system on top of all of those other things, you're paying a $2000 premium over the NEX-7 for pretty much nothing but the bigger sensor.

I hear ya, that last thing you mention, is exactly what I'm personally looking for. I like to print big and I like to be able to crop a bit if needed, without loosing too much resolution. If this supposedly upcoming NEX 9 gives my ~ 54 MP with IQ the NEX 7 does at base ISO, I'm in. I don't need fast AF chasing pets or kids, don't do sports. I'm just after high IQ in a NEX like package. I do deliberate shooting @ 100 ISO mostly, so I'm not after high ISO or fast FPS either. Just let my adapt the new line of Zeiss like the upcoming 55 f1,4 or H or S lenses with Sony's excellent live view on an articulated high res LCD. Sony can take their time bringing native high res lenses for the pro NEX line.

I agree the "pro" features outside of AF speed, of course - weather sealing, durability, extra manual controls, etc. you mention would be a very welcome bonus. In fact, I count on Sony to bring those to the table. It's a lot of money, after all.

I understand others have different wants/needs,

kind regards,


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