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Re: flash frustrations

bill vann wrote:

I almost feel trollish but bear with me, I'm not. Have a77 and NEX7. Was a working pro on and off forever, (flash bulbs)

I am flummoxed with the flash. I'm handicapped, SCI, so trying to sort a system I can work with. The NEX is great I can hold it, carry ir, struggle with the tiny contol dial, but manage it.

the glass is ho hum (kit) so got the 50 and the sigmas and YES, so may invest int he zeiss etc.

so the last thing is sorting the flash, I was/am a manual flash shooter and for Christmas was gifted with 2 58s and 1 43. My own stuff is Lumedyne and sunpack 120s and was Buff, always manual.

so I can put a 58 on the nex and control the others, but cannot seem to work anything off camera without a master on the camera? am I missing something?

also, each shot does its own preflash, which I kinda get but to do the odd portrait wtf how annoying and mucho blinkers, am I missing something here?

at this point I'd get a 20 or for junk family stuff and do a manual setup with a wireless systme like quantums (still have a set)

But i feel like while we've take ten steps forward, we've gone 9 back. read and reread but stymied.

If this is what it is, I doubt Canikon is any better so will adapt but feel like I must be missing something??


TTL flash sync is tricky, and still requires manual settings (flash compensation).

For fill-in flash, the popup flash will do.

For bounce flash, the native GN20 compact add on flashes will do. 20F, 20M, 20AM, dependent on socket type (5, 6 or 7).

For off camera flash, I use the CowboyStudio wireless flash trigger. It is fully manual, both on camera exposure and on flash level settings, but in my setup I can trigger 4 remote flash units.

Takes a moment to dial in, but then works great.

Only the Nex-7 can trigger one of the Sony flashes remotely, and use TTL. I have no need for this, I use the 20AM for simple stuff, and a non TTL 560 for stronger flash.

Even with TTL, the camera seldoms gets it right, and flash compensation adjustments are necessary.

In non TTL, and M mode operation, the AF still works. That is good enough for me. All other settings can be preset manually.

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