Minolta MC 1,4/50 experiences

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Less likely causes... you don't have a filter on the lens, do you?

Letsgokoulos wrote:

Peter, a long-term fungus should be visible with a pen-light. If you are absolutely positive that the glass is cristal clear with a pen-light, I would think the only other possibility is light leak, most likely with the adapter.

I'd be shocked if this was due to a light leak; that would lower contrast or impose a pattern, not glow.

If the glass really looks good, odds are it's just a mechanical tolerance issue... that can happen in 40-year-old lenses, especially if it was taken apart and put back together without a collimator. As has been said, a small degree of glow is very common for old lenses -- its just a matter of degree that yours looks worse than, for example, the copy of the same lens that I have.

One more "obvious" thing: you aren't using a filter, are you? DO NOT USE A FILTER. Even the best, absolutely clean, UV/Skylight filters can cause glow problems. Basically, even perfectly flat glass changes the optical properties measurably, and reflections can cause more problems. My lenses are always "going commando" and, unless you're  somewhere they'll get splashed, yours should too.

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