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Re: Lightroom Duplicate Keyword Question

Radu Tenenbaum wrote:

I'm in the process of learning about and creating my first hierarchical keyword list and have a question about duplicate keywords that exist within different branches. For example, I have a Family category and within that I have two subcategories, Smith and Jones, and within both Smith and Jones I have a Bob. Should the keyword be Bob within each subcategory or should I specify Bob Smith and Bob Jones in each sub-category?

I've set up a small keyword list to test this, but it seems that the keyword search feature will fully support using first names only in this example.

Was an image tagged with a first & last name?

So, is my testing insufficient? Is there a reason I should use the full name within a family category?

This scenario will also come up with locations where many countries/states have duplicate city names, such as London, Ontario and London, England.

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