Minolta MC 1,4/50 experiences

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Re: Minolta MC 1,4/50 experiences

Well it just so happens I recently picked up one of these. I like it a lot - definitely a whole lot better than my copy of the MD 50 1.7. The corner on the older MC 1.4 wide open looks about as sharp as my MD 1.7 at its best setting!

Hazy, to be sure, but the detail is there. Stop it down to f/5.6 and it easily beats my MD in the corners.

And that's with some fungus cleaned off the rear coating!

This corner stuff is relevant for me because I often like to use 50mm for telephoto landscape shots and I like nice tidy corners for that.

This lens also shows some nice potential for portraits. Here it is, wide open:

Minolta MC 50mm 1:1.4 f/1.4

Just a small click over to f/2 gives it a whole different personality. More contrast, and I think I actually like the background blur a little more.

Minolta MC 50mm 1:1.4 f/2

Almost like two lenses for the price of one!

These are my quick, rough test results, anyway. But I'm pretty sure this one's a keeper. (Not bad for $15!)

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