New Nikon 1.8G lenses, pretty 'meh

Started Mar 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: What's so terrible about "meh"?

Just my $0.02, I remember someone posting about how Nikon's lens designer in Japan had spoke about balancing many aspects of lens design in order create what is called a "great lens".  The 85 1.4 (forget which generation) was mentioned for not being absolutely sharp, but design had emphasized quality of rendering and bokeh. I think Sigma in their new lines might be going after all-out sharpness (which is great, I have the 35mm on order!) but the quality of bokeh had suffered in my opinion.  It seems to me that most of the Nikon 1.4's had a lot of LoCAs because of this trade-off. As someone else mentioned, cost was a major factor in the 1.8 line; Car designers often say you can easily make a supercar, but the challenge is making a envy worthy $20,000 car.  I think the 85mm 1.8G is an awesome lens, and there are trade-offs, but honestly the LoCA's are just marginally better on most other lenses it seems.

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