X100S BW and Velvia +1/3 EV

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Re: X100S BW and Velvia +1/3 EV

Hi, nice pictures.

I don't think you have a badly calibrated monitor, in fact I agree with your opinion: some positive exposure compensation makes a more pleasant image.

In the examples you posted before, people agreed with 0EV as the correct exposure because it balanced between over exposure of highlights (around the light bulbs) and exposure of the scene (the room). That doesn't mean the final picture looks best when displayed at 0EV, it just means the exposure is correct to allow for best results in post processing (where one could brighten the low lights).

So, if you'd prefer to lessen post processing of images, adding +EV to brighten the shadows is just one way to get the results you'd like.  you could also experiment with decreasing the shadow tones in the Q menu to -1 or -2, it could help bump the blacks a bit

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