Intuos 5 workflow with Lightroom 4?

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plugin wrote:

fuego6 wrote:

Brush adjustments... that's about all I can think of though of course you can use the device as a mouse replacement in general.

It shines in Photoshop for sure.. LR - I wouldn't think it's all that much better than a mouse though.

Agreed. Even the brushes in LR are fairly imprecise - if I need anything that requires masking or careful brush application I will edit in PS, not LR. I only ever touch my tablet in PS.

Agreed also. I have Intuos 4, and only use it in CS, not in LR. Adjustment brush and the Library spray can painter tool thingy are the only places where I can think it would be (slightly) beneficial in LR.

Wacom have a video here though (Intuos 4 and Lightroom). You need to go 20-minutes in before you find the real parts about using the tablet, and if I recall rightly from when I watched it a while ago, it appeared more just a lecture by someone who's very enthusiastic about LR, but just so happens to work for Wacom and have an Intuos 4 - i.e. I got no great takeaways that made me think I needed to start using my Intuos for LR as well as for CS.

I guess the Intuos 5 gesture scrolling also brings something, but I can't see it's a real advantage over using a mouse-wheel.

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