Help Deciding T4i, T3i, 60d, 7d, or mirroless?

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Re: You really have to try before you buy

I recently upgraded from a 450D to a 650D.  This was a decision between the 7D, 60D and 650D.  I never considered the Canon M so I cannot comment on that.  I do however also have a G1X which I love.

When I read the specs and the reviews, people's experiences and what I wanted the camera for - action sport and wildlife, everything pointed to the 7D.  However after trying all 3 cameras for an afternoon from my local camera shop the choice was clear.  I really like to carry my camera either in my hand or on a Blackrapid strap and the 7D was just too heavy for me and also too big for a comfortable fit for my hand size, especially if using for more than an hour.  If the camera is not comfortable to use you won"t use it. If you and your wife want to use the camera you need one that suits you both. This was the main reason I went with Canon instead of Nikon, the Nikon just didn't feel right in my hand.  So the choice came down to the 60D and the 650D.  The two are so similar there was little in it but I simply preferred the lower weight.  I love the 650D but I have found the biggest gains (upgrading from a 450D) has come from a better lens and improvement in my photography skills as my learning increases.

One other point is you will have been using SD cards.  The 7D takes CF cards while the other two use SD cards.  I had a large amount of SD cards and didn't really want to buy a whole more cards.  It is a minor point but could swing the vote.

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