If you've decided on Coolpix A instead of X100s, please share your thinking.

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Re: If you've decided on Coolpix A instead of X100s, please share your thinking.

Velu wrote:

Yes, Velu is from Belgium and NO, English is not his first language, it's actually his fourth ( Dutch/fFlemish, French and German are the official ones over here ! )

Ray, you were probably too nice. Any jerk deserves such reaction, only ... isn't there a saying in English ... "Never assume !" ?

My comment wasn't meant in a "jerky" way.

At first I did choose not to reply but in order to clear the air I'd like to emphasize a few things.

This is my original mail:

" I'm a photographer ... and therefore would not even consider a camera without a viewfinder !

I did not say you can't take great pictures with a "point n shoot", but again ... as a photographer ... NO ... plenty of reasons !"

You read " if you use a camera without a VF, you are not a photographer" ...

I mention that I am a photographer and perhaps this is a first "language barrier"-error.

A "photographer" over here means that you make a living (regardless if that's partly or 100%) by taking pictures, and that's, for several reasons, just not feasable doing so with a camera without VF).

( agreeing or disagreeing with that, we can discuss ...)

THEREFORE , having the choice between two camera's, I'd not even consider the one without a VF !

This might (or might not) clear the air ...

In order to reply the OP I prefer to provide facts. Image quality-wise, no one can tell (yet) ... size, you can ... and size is obvious for anyone ... but the lack or presence of a VF is not that obvious to everyone !

A number of posts here mention the lack of a VF. You "defend" and proof that working without is feasable, but please don't forget, owning several camera's with/without VF provides you with the CHOICE !

There are circumstances and moments you just can't use an lcd. At times using a VF can be more discrete ! Correct framing ... and so on ...

My question to you ... if you have to make the choice ... camera with or without VF ... what's it gonna be ?

By the way, you did post a number of nice "photographs", but unfortunately I'm not a genius so ...

Velu - thank you for the clarification. I DID misinterpret your intent - very probably a language issue - and I hereby apologize unequivocally. I was wrong. Yes, your post does clear the air, rather completely - thank you!

With your additional clarification, I agree with you more or less totally. You're right that by having multiple cameras, I have a choice. In many cases I would choose to go out with a camera without a viewfinder but in some cases I would only choose a camera with one. To me it's less about brightness than focal length because some rear screens have gotten so good in bright sunlight that I'd never hesitate to rely on them. Sony come to mind as the best but others are also very very good now. But for any lens of portrait length or longer, I'd much rather have a viewfinder for the stability both of the composition and the actual firing of the shutter. I just find more precision is needed at those focal lengths. I use my OMD for almost all such shooting and it has an excellent EVF that even uses the stabilizer on while composing the shot - with very long lenses I find this tremendously advantageous.

Ironically, my X-Pro generally is mounted with lenses at wider focal lengths where I'm least likely to feel the need for a viewfinder. But I like the OVF so much on that camera that I use it a lot anyway. I don't need it, but I greatly enjoy it. So I don't claim to be entirely consistent here. If I get the Nikon, it won't replace my Fuji - it would largely replace my essentially fixed lens Ricoh GXR-28 which I've never shot with a viewfinder and don't feel any desire to. So I wouldn't hesitate too buy the Nikon if I see a compelling advantage to use it rather than the Ricoh.

Anyway, sorry for the misunderstanding and, again, my apologies. It seems we actually agree almost completely on this question. If I was to own only one camera (what a terrible thought!) it would almost certainly have a viewfinder - probably the OMD among my current cameras. Not because its my favorite camera - it's not. But because its by far my most versatile and quite capable at everything I've tried doing with it.

PS By the way, the only "connection" I have with H.C.B. is the fact that he had a viewfinder but he even managed to take great pictures through a hole in a fence with his viewfinder blocked

The funny thing is HCB was dismissive in his day of TLR cameras, which were generally shot at waist or belly level. He was quoted as saying something along the lines of 'if god had wanted us to shoot from that angle, he'd have put our eyes in our bellies instead of our heads'. So if he was around today and still held to that opinion, I'd have had a bigger issue with him than I mistakenly thought I had with you! He was highly unforgiving of those who shot without eye-level finders. But I'd still respect him overwhelmingly as a photographer


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