Please Help Me Tweak My 7D to Improve Image Quality

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I think the same thing.

What gets me is that we spend all of this money on what's supposed to be pretty high-end gear and yet we have to process the heck out of many of the images in order to get something that looks halfway decent. Why can't the image be better coming out of the camera so that post-processing doesn't require a PhD?

Anyway, you've provided me with a ton of information here so I've copied it all into Word and I'll save it as a reference for future use. Thanks again for your time...this is really helpful!

Hi Steve

I have been asking the very same thing for a long time now . . . why indeed! I can learn the art of photography and learn how to use a camera, but when it comes to PP, I'm at a loss. For some this comes easy, but for me, it's like "Rocket Science". I have the hardest time learning this process, and I have two great courses on the subject pertaining to both LR4 and Elements 10, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to gain much ground with it. Ooo I can get so frustrated with it. It's like running a race. You do everything right, but as soon as you get close to the finish line you fall flat on your face. I do everything right with the skills in photography and with the camera, but the finish line (PP) I fall flat.

We learn how to use a camera and we learn the fundamentals and beyond in photography, but why oh why do we have to do so much when it comes to PP. In so many cases, its the majority of the time, well that's what it seems to me.



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