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Re: new OM-D and DSLR... initial response

BruceB609 wrote:

I'll post this for any DSLR owner who is stuck, pondering whether to go mirrorless or not. In just the past day, my reservations went up in a ball of laughter and enthusiasm after shooting with my new OM-D. No wonder this camera is so highly rated! I'm a little embarrassed that I took this long to jump on.

Olympus simply amazes me. How can any company create such a phenomenon under such difficult conditions? I can only wonder what they could create in better times!

Actually, I'd just purchased the OM-D to replace my E-3 I'd passed on to my daughter who works in portraiture, along with a new 50mm f2 (I kept mine). I'm glad I already had the E system controls in my head and so glad Olympus used the FT E system interface for the basics. Apart from the cosmetics, a little juggling and added control features, I think Olympus did quite well in maintaining much of the older interface. It took very little time to figure the controls out before I started shooting.

The camera is small for me but not too small. My favorite body design of all the Olympus E system (including the E-M5) was the E-1 and I still keep one in the bag for the sheer pleasure and challenge on days with E-1 friendly lighting. Could you imagine a design blend of a mirrorless E-1 with OM-D?

I'm not into zooms very much and since Olympus really came short on developing FT primes, I'm also using a D7000 with Voigtlander and Nikon AIs (non CPU) MF primes. I really saw the OM-D as a greatly extended opportunity using adapter rings. An extension it truly is... WOW! (The MF assist does beat the D7000 green dot focus confirmation but I'm putting in a KatzEye focusing screen soon so I can have as much fun with both cameras). I think these two cameras will make a great pair of tools, each with their own, different shooting experience. They won't compete as much as expand my photo objectives... and explorations. It's great that their image specs and capabilities are such a close match and all my MF lenses can be used on either. It's like riding a bike that takes two wheels.

The OM-D is an incredibly well thought out machine and for anyone who wonders if there's another dimension to photography, mFT is on another trajectory that doubles the fun for me. So glad I make a living using a camera!

So if you aren't sure, here's my note of confidence that mFT is a very rewarding choice if you'd like to expand your own experiences.

Great job, Olympus!

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I'm having the same problem. I find that the buttons are too close together, but I love the size of the camera and the results with it.

HOWever, the more I learn about the wheels, and get used to them, the more "room" I feel I'm getting.  Like the other poster, I'm getting a grip, and possibly a hand strap.  I think it's worth it for this camera.

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