Please Help Me Tweak My 7D to Improve Image Quality

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Re: Please Help Me Tweak My 7D to Improve Image Quality

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In my opinion your shutter speeds are too high, and your apertures are too wide. Bring your shutter speeds down to around 1/800 - 1/1000, and your apertures to around f/5.6 - f/8.

Also, use focus point expansion, or 9 point zone AF. Unless theses are crops, in your first photo, center auto focus point would have been focusing on the backstop. In the second photo your depth of field would have been about 6 inches in front of the point of focus, and 6 inches behind (assuming a subject distance of 30 feet), if AF had focused on the hand, the face and body will be out of focus.

You also might want to choose the upper focus point(s) for portrait mode (7D will switch to it automatically when you turn the camera), as most likely you'll be focusing on a single individual like in this photo, and you'll want their face in focus, not their hand.

Also, in my opinion for outdoor sports, AV or TV would probably be better than full manual.

Curios as to why a faster shutter speed would effect sharpness? Also why as high as F8? Most lenses are sharpest one stop closed down from wide open. One stop higher and you are starting to head into diffraction territory. Besides the bokeh isolates the subject and gives the image a more personal look. If DPR was not locking up on my image downloads I would post a BIF at 1/5000 wide open. This started happening about 1/2 hour ago. I'll try later.

Faster shutter speed would help sharpness, but, makes for a boring sports photo. Bring the shutter speed down a little will allow motion blur from the ball and the bat, but, still be fast enough to keep the players sharp. In the first photo, the ball is suspended in mid-air. No sense of movement at all. It's like the difference between a frozen water fall photo, a completely creamy blurred one, or something in the middle.

As far as f/8, in the second photo at 200mm, 30 foot subject distance (guesstimate), f/8 you still only have one foot in front of the point of focus sharp, and one foot behind the point of focus sharp. This would have helped in this case as it appears to have AFed on the front hand (based on the sharp area of the dirt on the ground), this slightly deeper depth of field would have brought the front of the runner into focus.


Subject distance - 30 ft
Depth of field Near limit 29 ft
Far limit 31.1 ft
Total 2.04 ft
In front of subject 0.99 ft (48%)
Behind subject 1.06 ft (52%)

Thanks for the response. Blur is very cool in the right place and time. Good point about the DOF. Personally at those distances I don't worry about it but that is just me and what do I know

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