Microsoft is fined 730 Million US dollars

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Re: Google and Opera behind Microsoft's fine

René Schuster wrote:

DreamsAreDust wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

DreamsAreDust wrote:

As an aside, I used to love opera, mean and lean...

Now it's a bloated festival of "not responding"..

I have no idea about the Norwegian Opera browser, it's Firefox for me since several years now, version 19.0.2 at the moment.


I've got FF too, but it's gone like NVidia drivers - there's about 150 different 'beta' versions.. 18.3 beta, 19.4 beta, 20.53 beta, 21.375 beta.. etc (yup, made up numbers, but you know what I mean if you've ever had a NVidia card).

I think it depends on your update settings, all I get is release versions, nothing beta. And no Firefox without NoScript for me!

Oh I never auto-update - it's ALL manual and choice here.

I was just commenting on the 19 beta and the 20 beta and the 21 beta - why so many betas.. why have a series 20 beta AND a series 19 beta?

I also use Browzar - a tiny quick and easy browser that cleans up after itself..

It is what I always do via the Firefox tools, once I am done browsing. And then CC, Window Washer, ....


Oh hell yes - always clean up after yourself.. I treat my own computer on my own ISP link as if I were in a coffee shop wifi net..  No tracks, no evidence.. I even over-write hard drive empty space once a month so nothing can be "extracted".

It's only really paranoia when all these groups and Govt. bodies aren't after you!
In a society of true freedoms paranoia is foolish - in what we have now it's just responsible safety.

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Don't bother with dreams, reality turns them into dust..

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