If you've decided on Coolpix A instead of X100s, please share your thinking.

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Once again, nice photographs Ray

Mark Weston wrote:

I sold my X100 in anticipation of the X100S. I currently use my NEX-7 for most of my photography. It has a wonderful EVF, but I only use it about 50% of the time. I also shoot from the waist with the flip out screen. For me, I would want at least one or the other (VF or flip screen). I also have a S90 that gets little use. Of these three cameras, the X100 is the greatest pleasure to use for me. The OVF, the manual dials, the overall feel of the X100 is perfect to me. I find that to be at least as important as the photographs I get from these cameras. Having said all of that, the Coolpix A looks interesting for the quality that they seemed to have packed into such a small body. I just do not think, I will be adding it to my collection at or near the announced price.


I basically agree Mark. I loved the experience of shooting with the X100 also, except for a couple of details which I learned to live with. But I never loved the focal length. That's why I got the X-Pro, which I like on every level except that the OVF isn't quite as bright and wonderful as the X-100's - there's just too much going on in there to make it work with multiple focal lengths and I'm sure that's what affects the brightness (and the ability to include a diopter adjustment). So, having the X-Pro, the X100 became much less appealing and I sold it and don't anticipate buying an X100s. Although I'll get to shoot with one for a month and if I like it enough with the WCL-100, I could change my mind.

As far as wanting either a viewfinder or a flip up screen, I can understand that. I shoot a lot from the waist (or at least belly) and bought a Nex 5 and later an EPL3 and OMD largely for the flip out screens. But what I've found over time is I now very rarely end up looking at the screen if I'm shooting in the 24-28mm focal range. I know 28mm framing so well, I do it just about as well blind as I do with the screen and I can be both more observant and more discrete with my eyes and attitude when I'm not looking down all the time. And if I can do that with 28, I can do it with 24, which is more forgiving. I occasionally miss a shot badly because of this, but much more rarely than I'd ever have thought. So, for these limited focal lengths, I'm actually fine without either a flip up screen or a viewfinder. When I'm shooting at portrait length or longer, I need something I can frame and focus precisely with and I also need some way to hold the camera steady and either letting the strap stabilize it at my belly (using the screen) or letting my eye stabilize it with a viewfinder is pretty much a must for me too. For wider stuff, not so much, though, personally.


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