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Re: G5 first impressions

John van Stralen wrote:

Hi, well congrats with your new camera. I got one myself, coming from a G1 and GF1, and i must say it fits my big hands like not many other cameras could. I liked it so much I went back to the shop to get another one. So now I use one with the very and I mean very good 35-100 mm lense and the other one mostly with te 14-45 mm, same one like you, which I still had from my G1, still a very good lense.

Aside from the GH3 I don't think there is another M43 cam which is as nice to hold and if it fits big hands as well, that's good.

So for now I will be well off, still using my GF1, mostly with primes like the panny 20 mm 1.7 and the Olympus 17 mm 1.8, i do like them both very much and the Olympus lenscap lense, that is so much fun to use with really pretty good results.

The only thing I don't like about the G5 is that I constantly seem to hit the WB button and put it in another position than the automatic WB I use mostly, I did not find a way to hold the function button blocked in the position i like.

So I hope you will have lots of fun with this really nice camera, like I have and I do like the pics you posted.

Will do and thanks.

So now I am waiting for the GX2 with the build in viewfinder, come on Panny I know you can make it, or is it Leica that will not let you, because it would come to close to the M9?

Now I have the G5 I don't have much interest in the GX2 but if it has a built in EVF, it will be good for the system as I'm sure there will be many interested in this type of camera.

Finally I sold almost all my Nikon stuff and will go on with Micro four third, sorry Nikon, really I must say we did have very good times, but the times they are changing...............

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