45 mm 2D/3D Images Viewable Without Special Glasses?

Started Mar 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: 45 mm 2D/3D Images Viewable Without Special Glasses?

LG has a phone, the Optimistic 3D Max, that provides a fantastic glasses-free 3D experience. Better than the Sharp Aquos and the Evo 3D.

I don't have one but I will be getting one again at some point because I am a 3D fan. But the problem is getting the 3D file over to the phone. Since Samsung isn't coming out with, nor have they ever come out with, a 3D phone, it won't be the easiest to get the MPO or whatever files over to the phone wirelessly, like it is with regular photos and the existing NX camera wireless features.

All we can do is wait and see though. Samsung is are really promoting the lens, so I hope they will actually do more than just make a 3D content creation device. 3D TVs aren't all that popular as far as I can tell, so maybe they are going to push.

I may get the 3D lens even though it isn't supposed to be backwards compatible with the 210, which I just got and love. I'll be saving up for the 300.

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