If you've decided on Coolpix A instead of X100s, please share your thinking.

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Re: 28mm and no AA, check your shooting habits

Ariston wrote:

well I don't think that the Sony sensor and Toshiba are the best. at low ISO, the best seems to be the Foveon sensor if you talk about DR and resolution. the Sony and Toshiba sensor though are best with High ISO results.

Two points.  1.  Nikon doesn't currently use the Foveon sensor.  It does use the Sony and Toshiba sensors in it's 3200, 5200 and 7100 SLR's.  2.  The Sony and Toshiba sensors have better dynamic range and arguably slightly better resolution than the Foveon.  The Sony and Toshiba sensors have much, much better high ISO performance.  The only advantage the Foveon has is the lack of color Moire (though it suffers from other Moire.)

P.S.  I've been wanting to try a DP2M and was tempted by the recent price drop, but not tempted enough.

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