Kenya Safari with 5D mk III: what must haves would you bring?

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Re: Kenya Safari with 5D mk III: what must haves would you bring?

I am planning a safari for next year and have read a lot of forums on what to bring.  They almost always recommend the 100-400 as the standard lens.  I have seen two options for bringing additional gear - the buy and sell and rental.  Many people talked about buying a lens for their 3 week trip and then putting it up for sale.  The other option, and easier, would be to rent.  I have looked at and have used them to rent bodies for weddings.  Very good outfit and I think great prices.  For $155, or $181 with insurance, you can rent the 100-400 for 21 days.  A second 5D III for 21 days is $412 with insurance.  Another option would be a 7D for 21 days at $247.  With the 7D you would get an extra 1.6x on the 400 end giving you 640mm!

If you go the 7D route I would recommend renting it for about a week prior to get used to it.

If you look at the overall cost the trip is most likely costing close to $10,000 with airfare-etc. .. so an extra $500-$750 for equipment rental is a small percentage to add.

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