If you've decided on Coolpix A instead of X100s, please share your thinking.

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Re: 28mm and no AA, check your shooting habits

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The sensor is the D7000's, which I still think is the best sensor around for APS_C in overal quality.

Actually not. If you consult DXO you'll see the new Sony and Toshiba sensors used in the D5200 and D7100 are the best APS-C sensors out there right now. They have the best dynamic range and resolution. IMHO, Nikon isn't serious about mirrorless until they show they are willing to put in the best they have into the effort. The A is a half hearted, half baked attempt. Without the best sensor and professional controls, it is too expensive for amateurs and too limiting for professionals. Typical of Nikon and Canon in the mirrorless arena...too little, too late. Those to giants of the photography world risk missing the boat on professional mirrorless because they either don't take it seriously, or are trying to protect their SLR cash cow. They should take a lesson from Kodak (and how it concentrated on it's film cash cow.)

well I don't think that the Sony sensor and Toshiba are the best. at low ISO, the best seems to be the Foveon sensor if you talk about DR and resolution. the Sony and Toshiba sensor though are best with High ISO results.

I do agree that it is frustrating to see that these two camera giants are missing a lot. but that's fine since we have a lot of other better option and less stubborn camera manufacturers.

The DR of foveon sensors is quite poor in comparison to modern CMOS bayer sensors. You can google foveon vs bayer and see that the foveon loses in DR even to older Canon CMOS sensors which are among the worst bayer APS-C CMOS sensors in terms of DR. Color-independent resolution is foveon's game, and that is where it excels.

is it only resolution? because from what I see, the DR looks to be impressive at base ISO. anyway, I'll try to find out more about it. I'm being lent with a DP2 Merrill next week and I'll see how the DR really is. but so far, I'm impressed with the landscape results available.

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