If you've decided on Coolpix A instead of X100s, please share your thinking.

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InTheMist wrote:

This Nikon fan thinks that the X100s stomps the Coolpix A in every conceivable manner other than size.

No offense, but that statement is utter nonsense.

I'm guessing you've never worked with X-Trans RAW files in Lightroom because if you had you wouldn't be talking about "stomping". A Nikon DSLR shooter who has a specific and successful workflow, but with the X100s needs to go messing around with Silkypix or Capture One just to get Fujifilm RAW files to look anywhere near as detailed as 8-bit JPEGs, has certainly not "conceived" of all the pros and cons of each camera.

And I'm also guessing you are forgetting that the D7000 sensor, with huge 14 EV DR similar to the D800, is one of the very best APS-C sensors in the history of photography.  And removing the AA-filter is only going to make it better.

I'm a Nikon shooter and a fan of the both X100s as well, but to say that the X100 stomps the Coolpix A in every conceivable manner but size is simply not accurate AT ALL. If fact there is a good argument to be made the a camera with the D7000 sensor without an AA-filter would outresolve and outperform the Fujifilm X100s and it would clearly provide a much simpler, more straightforward workflow producing RAW-to-JPEG conversions that would in many ways would "stomp" the X100s files.

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