Minolta 24-85mm RS f/3.5-4.5 on Full Frame

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Re: FF sample Min 24-85 RS 24mm at f8

As a result of what I read here, I tried three copies of the 24-85. and none of them was as good as I had hoped. It can be that I was simply very unlucky, but I suspect the lens is not as good as I was made to believe. I directly compared one of them with my copy of a Minolta 24-105, and the later is better in the whole range from 24-85 (at f8 and f11). All three copies of the 24-85 had centering problems and varying amounts of field curvature, but even on their 'good' side, they where not great. and compared to the ZA24-70, all of them are mediocre lenses. The ZA is better at f4 then either of the other lenses is at any aperture. The ZA shows both more resolution and more contrast. There is however a thing I really like about my copy of the 24-105; stopped down to f16 it is still very usable. more so than most lenses.

One more point; when used against the light, both the 24-85 and the 24-105 are not great. the ZA is not the best lens with the sun in the frame (the ZA16-35 is much better), but much better than either Minolta zoom.

maybe I am just very critical, and I am sure fine pictures can be made with the 24-85. But expectations must be realistic. it is not a modern high performance zoom.

For the price, it is certainly not bad.

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