Noticeable difference in image quality between the Panasonic GX1 and the GH3?

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Re: Noticeable difference in image quality between the Panasonic GX1 and the GH3?

Sgt_Strider wrote:

I've already read the reviews and seen the data from DXOMark. There is no doubt that the sensor on the GH3/E-M5 is better than the one on the GX1. Obviously the newer sensor will have better technology. However, is the difference actually perceptible especially with the GH3's better noise performance and capable of handling higher dynamic range?

Right now I have the GX1 and I'm thinking of adding another one to my setup given the value that it provides over the GH3 at the moment. In real world situations and assuming I stick with ISO160 or ISO 200 on the GH3 and go no higher than ISO 1600, will I be able to actually perceive the actual performance enhancement of the GH3 sensor in more than 50% of the time? Or the actual advantage of the GH3 is more subtle and be noticeable under more extreme situations? If that's the case, then perhaps I'm better off buying another GX1 instead of ordering the GH3?


If you are chasing image quality you will never be satisfied with your gear because evolutionary (and occasionally revolutionary) improvements are to be expected every year. You will find yourself in an endless gear acquisition cycle.

You might want to read some reviews of the GH3's performance before you make the jump. And since you are asking the question seem you have your own doubts. Listen to them. Wait for a follow up that removes all doubt as to gains made in areas that matter to you.

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