Head-to-Head: X100s vs X100 vs Canon 5D MK III

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Re: too funny

Many people should consider whatnis " GOOD ENOUGH"  for their purposes instead of aiming at the " BEST"  hence spending far too much money , carying too much weight, having too many features etc etc. .

full frame is and will always ahead smaller sized sensors re IQ but that does not mean that ideally you should have a full frame camera.  I could buy a Canon 5D with a 35mm 1.4 lens tomorrow but I am happier  with my Sony 57 and 16-50mm 2.8  for my kind of photography and what I do with the end results.  I would also be more happy with a 100 S  vs a Hasselblatt that costs soo much more and would make " better"  IQ Photos.

many people buying SLR cameras would be better of with a SONY RX100 or other small quality pocket cam.

my point is that getting obsessed by pixels and features is a dangerous thing as it might take you away from your BEST cam.

There is ofcourse also a WANNAHAVE factor  in all this and that has not soo much to do with my rational points above but also a valid reason to buy something in order to give a moment of proud ownership and happyness.

All in all keep in mind when taking out you wallets and cheque books that good pictures need a good " eye" rather than a perfect cam.




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