Minolta MC 1,4/50 experiences

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Re: Minolta MC 1,4/50 experiences

eques wrote:


my lastest acquisition is a Minolta MC 1,4/50; I have been using some legacy lenses before (3 AIS Nikkors from 20-105 and Minolta MD from 28-135), some are excellent, even wide open, some I have to stop down 1-2 stops for best resolution.

I have posted a similar post on the m43 forum, because at the moment I only use m43gear. But I read a lot on this forum about experiences with legacy glass and I plan to get a NEX 6 body specifically for these old lenses, because they are so much fun to use.

Here one of my first tries with lots of fine detail in the centre:


And this is stopped down!

Does any one have similar experiences with this lens or is it just a problem of my copy?

Is this a characteristic of the MC lenses, because of less coating?

I will try it stopped down, but actually I got it because of the shallow DOF wide open!


The quality of the details wide open, even though slightly soft, is typical of the Minolta 50mm f1.4 at its maximum aperture. The haze that is all over your picture and that aggravates the colour fringing at locations of  high contrast can be caused by several factors. I have had a similar behaviour with a Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8, and found two issues:

  • The adapter had a light leak. My adapter came with a tripod extension which bothered me. I removed it and forgot to plug the screw holes
  • The front lens had been removed for some reason, and some cleaning was necessary

I advise you to start checking if there is or not a light leak between the adapter and the lens. I any leak suspicion, then use gaffer tape at that location and try to shoot a few other pictures.

You can then check the lens by having a strong light source directed through its optics and inspecting it at close range. At a first look, my 40mm seemed to be clean, but I found out after very carefully inspecting it that some sort of grease had ben spread all over the front element on the inside of the lens. If your lens does not appear to be cristal clear, then try to identify whether the smearing is at the front or at the back of the lens. According to where the smearing is located, remove the front ring with either a rubber lens ring tool or a spanner wrench, and clean the front lens and the first group, or remove the back lens and clean it along with the back group.
You may have to repeat the cleaning operations several times, depending on the cause of the smearing.

As I noted above, other factors could be the origin of the problem. Given the fact that the details of your picture are fine, I would expect the situation can be corrected.


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