What camera is this? Is it a good deal?

Started Mar 9, 2013 | Questions thread
paulhofseth Regular Member • Posts: 201

The SLs sometimes have aged prism coatings, but that will be easily visible in the viewfinder. Otherwise it is one of the brightest you can get. Also, on some, the lens release button was plastic and tended to wear.  The meter of the SL is less sensitive than in the SL2, which may not matter that much if you are shooting landscapes. If the lens takes the 55mm+series 7 filter and not the earlier series 6, the lens formula is optically identical to the current Summicrons.

Rumour has it that Leitz lost money on each of them, but since they sold in huge numbers, that may perhaps only be true of the last ones. The SLs are suprisingly cheap at the moment, but that may not last as both collector and anachropile user interest may increase. The lenses stay expensive as they are excellent and can be used on most current digital cameras.


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