Sand grains in zoom section of Tamron 17-50

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Re: Sand grains in zoom section of Tamron 17-50

pacc wrote:

Removing the outer barrel is possible without touching the lens itself. But there are lots of screws, cables to be released, the zoom lock and the levers connecting the lens to the controls. Maybe your problem dont need such big surgery and loosing the first parts is enough...

If you are cool about dismounting and keeping all screws and connections documented while doing it the greatest risk is that the focus scale gets out of synch with the mechanism, i.e you connect it in another position and it shows incorrect figures. This is easy to do since you don,t see which position you have to be in to unhitch the lever until you get in, rotating the zoom again without the scale...

I would try unscrew the barrel and loosen it without going so far as to disconnect cables an see if this helps first. There are some instructions related to stuck zoom lock on similar tamron zooms..

Thank you for the detailed reply.  I will try the first step, & hopefully the problem will be solved.

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