Nikon's pricing is pretty smart

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Re: Nikon's pricing is pretty smart

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

There is a difference between initially pricing high and increasing the suggested prize by 62% for a lens upgrade, as has happened in the UK.

The lowest official import UK street price for the current 80-400 is £1,000. The initial price for the new 80-400 is almost 150% higher at £2,450.

I do not think you can blame UK customers if they feel this size price hike is anything but smart.

The UK street price is still pretty good compared to those in Australia. The 'grey' imports are $1400 - $1600 (which is about the same as UK price) but the so called 'clearance' prices of genuine Nikon (Aust) imports are still around $2000 for the 80-400VR.

That's pretty amazing when I think back to 2006 when I bought my 80-400VR (in Hong Kong) - I only paid $1450AUD which, at the exchange rate back in those days, was only around $1,000US (and that was after declaring it to customs and paying 10%GST)

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