Yes, I'm shallow - I want a black SEL50F18

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Re: Yes, I'm shallow - I want a black SEL50F18

You, Sir, are not shallow. I think Sony has now realised the whole silver lens thing was a mistake. I'd be very surprised if they launched any new lenses in silver, actually. The black 20/2.8 essentially replaces the old silver 16/2.8. The Sonron/Tamny 18-200LE is a (smaller) black alternative to the original silver 18-200. The 18-55 kit lens can even be had in black. The new 16-50 is black. The 10-18 is black, as is the 35/1.8. The 55-210, whilst silver, features black zoom & focus rings, so it's always been kind of black. I think that really just leaves the 30/3.5 macro and the 50/1.8. I could care less about the macro but yes, I agree, the 50/1.8 should come out in black - it's likely to stay in the E Mount line-up for at least another 2 or 3 generations.

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