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A Public Service Announcement for all those fat finger folks out there like me. This weekend I took a few hours to hang out at the Butterfly House with my D7K buddy. 45 fahrenheit outside and near 90 inside. I do love the experience. Hundreds and hundreds of opportunities fluttering everywhere.

I'm a RAW only shooter now. I do try very hard to get it right in camera but shoot using the "neutral" picture control so the histogram is a bit more accurate regards RAW. I also change ISO without taking my eyes out of the viewfinder. Here's the problem I experienced for the first time. As the heat started to put sweat in my eye and fog my thinking....I hit the "qual" button just below the ISO button. No biggie as I intuitively changed my finger back without thinking when the ISO did not change. Unfortunately, I did change from NEF to JPEG Fine and never caught it. I now have 200 shots of my young nieces in there summer kimonos that I need to process for print and have lost all the RAW advantage...I'll survive, but let it be know..senility combined with fat fingers is not a pretty thing!!

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I personally hate the Qual function/button altogether and am often worried that I might accidentally hit it when I'm in M (I, as many others, use easy ISO in A otherwise).  I mean, who needs to change their quality on the fly anyway?  I'm sure it has its use for some people, but I can't imagine it being often.  I, for one, always shoot in the same quality.  I would rather have that button be something else, anything really, like ADL, for instance, but I don't believe it can be reassigned.

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I lug my photo equipment everywhere. Is it heavy? Sure. Is it uncomfortable and cumbersome? Absolutely. Is it often an inconvenience? You bet. But is it all worth it? Maybe.

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