No major still camera makers make POV cameras. Why?

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Re: GoPro's days are numbered IMO

Just went through the exercise of comparing the GoPro with the AS15 for my brother's drone. The  conclusion? Neither is remotely appropriate for high quality drone videos. In both cases the video lacked resolution and colour. The Sony was better in both respects than the GoPro, but nowhere good enough for commercial (real estate, marketing) use. He switched to a Sony CX260 camcorder and both resolution and colour improved dramatically, but the camera format proved difficult and he then switched to a Sony HX30 and the video quality is now consistently amazing. Moral of the story - the GoPro and AS15 can take a licking and keep on ticking. The GoPro has more mounting options, the AS15 has better video. If the primary objective is a take anywhere device that can really take a beating, you can't go wrong with either. But if video quality really matters, look elsewhere. That is why the most popular option for drone use is the Sony NEX.

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