Pocket wizard Plus III & Flex TT5

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Re: Pocket wizard Plus III & Flex TT5

gadelrosario wrote:


I'm thinking of moving to the IIIs and called the MAC Group to ask about backward compatibility. They said the III and the TT5s will work together but the TT5s need to be configured (via computer) to be just a standard trigger, not TTL. Perhaps the way to do this is to configure C2 as standard trigger mode, set the channel and update the TT5s, leaving C1 as TTL. I've actually done this previously because I use C2 with my Sekonic light meter. I don't yet have a Plus III to test it with. Please post your results - I'd love to know what comes of this.


I have 3 TT5s and a Plus III, and have configures the TT5s C2 to standard non-CtrlTL mode while leaving C1 configured for TTL. Works fine. And very convenient too. When I shoot with my Nikon bodies and Nikon Speedlights, I set the TT5s to C1. Then when I shot 'non-Nikon' bodies and non-Nikon speedlights, I use C2 on the TT5s and this works well with the Plus IIIs.

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