Recommend A Large Compact That Is Capable Of Higher Image Quality Than These Photos

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Re: Recommend A Large Compact That Is Capable Of Higher Image Quality Than These Photos

Different folks like different cameras. If you could handle the various cameras you are considering, that would help you a lot, ergonomics and "feel" are very important.

In answer to your question,the out of camera JPEGs of the G!X I find to be excellent and so I don't shoot raw at all, I like to keep things simple since I take a great many photos when traveling and I would not like to have to adjust all of them.

Re the G1X, I don't find the AF speed or the shot to shot speed bothersome since I don't do sports or preschool children.

You mentioned the plasticky feel, I have heard that commented upon now and then. I think the commenters are unaware that the internal structure of the camera is a stainless steel three dimensional grid. Very solid construction indeed. Both my G12, which I also like a lot, and my G1x have survived three foot drops without damage. The G1X is heavier than any other compact camera, owing to the large zoom of DSLR quality. It is also a bit bulkier than any other compact.

The advantages of the Nikon V1 and the Fuji X10 and now the even better X20, are excellent viewfinders in a light, small, fun to handle and fun to shoot with camera. I think the RX100 likely has somewhat better image quality, but many have posted that they found it hard to handle and the ergonomics didn't please them.

The Sony Nex 6 is compact size with an APC sensor, and the new 16 to 50 kit zoom is apparently of far better quality than most kit zooms.

There is also a new Sony Nex 3N, but I am not familiar with it. It apparently is very small and approaches  pocketability.

Hope this helps,


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